Attorney Marketing – Link Building Tips For Law Firm Marketers

Most legal marketers know that Google and other search engines place value on the quality and quantity of inbound links that point to a law firm website. Although some will disagree and argue over the level of importance of some search ranking factors, they will all tend to agree that inbound links are essential.

However, may lawyers and law office support personnel do not have the time to read up on and follow the latest Internet marketing trends and tactics.

Those who are not in-the-know, may think that all links are the same. Thus, it is not uncommon for people to blindly build links back to their website — not knowing that the links they are building have little search benefit.

In order to be in-the-know, you need to know what kind of links are effective in building search engine results. You need to know the difference between good links and not so good links.

Below are a few basic guidelines for search oriented link building:

Focus on Older Sites First – New websites typically carry little weight with the search engines when it comes to linking. Therefore, when it comes to link building efforts, focus your time and energy on older sites.

Can You Get a Link from Your School? – Many SEO experts believe that links from .edu and .gov domains are more valued by the search engines. Therefore, links from schools can be good.

Natural Links Good – When people naturally link to your site because your content is good or worth talking about, its a good sign — and the search engines will notice.

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Natural Before Paid – Paid links can get you penalized for spam. Make sure you work with a trusted marketing consultant to understand which paid links are good — and which are not.

It is very possible for a law firm to achieve good search traffic. However, in order to accomplish this goal they will need to be willing to invest time, money, and energy into it.

The first place to start, is to hire a trusted Internet Marketing Consultant and work with him/her to devise a systematic plan.

By working with a trusted consultant, you will avoid the shady snake oil offers, and you will know which opportunities to pursue and which ones to walk away from.

There are many potential link building opportunities online including: press releases, blog comments, online chan yin tee v william jacks and co. news rooms, article directories, business profiles, directory listings, and even classified ads.

The more systematic you are with link building efforts, the more results you will enjoy.

As always, however, you need to make sure that your link building and online advertising efforts do not stray from the ethical rules of your jurisdiction. By working ethical and legal examples with a trusted and professional law firm marketing consultant though, you should be able to stay clear of any questionable Internet marketing techniques.