3 Quick Lawyer Marketing Methods to Put Into Action Now

In every business time is money. In the legal field you could say that every minute is money. With the opportunities of billing by the hour and getting a portion of the proceeds of a settlement there are many methods you can make money in law. The challenge is, how do you generate enough leads and business so that every hour of your day is filled with money making activities?

For many lawyers they are excellent at law, but they struggle with marketing. They might launch bill boards, magazine ads, bus benches, or even commercials and then hope that business comes in. While some of these methods can work, it can eat into your NET income very quickly. Launching commercials and bill boards may provide exposure or “get your name out” but it can be tough to translate those activities into actual dollars.

Instead of guessing on the marketing for your law practice, consider three simple steps to help you generate more qualified customers for your practice.

Share with Prospects where You Are Speaking – In many different areas of law, such as Wills & Trusts, Bankruptcy, and more there are many speaking opportunities. While sending out flyers and email blasts are great, one of the simplest ways to get more prospects which of the following is an agent? for your speaking events is just sharing your upcoming speaking locations across your online marketing. Consider posting your events on Facebook, your website, and notifying your followers on Twitter to give them an opportunity to come to your event.

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Have an Item of Intellectual Property to Giveaway – As a lawyer people are paying for your expertise to be put into action. Gain leverage for your legal practice by developing a 7-10 page white paper that piques interest and gives people insights on how they could “do it themselves”. Avoid legal jargon, but give people an idea of how they could get help. For example, for a Wills & Trusts attorney you could have a white paper that would share 7 guidelines on creating your own will. When people realize how hard it is, they will feel compelled to reach out to you!

Automate Your Follow Up – With your marketing for your law practice in action you will be generating leads. Don’t lead your leads disappear! Create an automatic email follow up system to ensure each prospect (whether they attend a live event or find you online) is followed up with for 60,90, or even 100 days.

When you share with prospects where you are speaking, have an item of intellectual property to give away and automate your follow up you will be able to quickly grow your legal practice.

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