14 Reasons Why You Need a Lawyer

Faced with a possibility of a lawsuit, you may be thinking: “why can’t I just handle this myself?” Here are 14 reasons why it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer:
Reason 1: Saves You Money – What you gain from a case often depends on the sufficiency of your legal argument, or at least on your ability to negotiate persuasively. How much is winning your case worth to you? Do the math.
Reason 2: Common Sense is Not Enough – You may be an all around smart person, know your case well, but the outcome of the case is decided on the application of the law and the facts, not based on what “makes sense.”
Reason 3: You Don’t Know the Law – Through research, you might get a glimpse into what the law states. But without going to the source of the law and studying its commentaries, you are not likely to get the entire picture.
Reason 4: There Is Too Much At Stake – Filing one wrong paper or saying one thing wrong in court may have a disastrous consequence on your life, and there are very little chances of fixing it later. In most instances, not having a lawyer cannot be used as an excuse for overturning the case.
Reason 5: Having a Lawyer Shows You Mean Business – Even if you don’t plan to take your case to trial, having legal counsel will get you a better settlement deal.
Reason 6: The Judge Will Not Take You Seriously – Even if you do the research and know the law, most judges will not take you seriously, because you are not a lawyer.
Reason 7: Winning Feels Good – You know that when you have a lawyer, your chances of winning are much higher.
Reason 8: You are Biased – Because you are so closely connected to your case, you are likely to overlook the opposing side’s how many federal laws are there arguments. Even admitting your own bias to yourself will not save your reasoning from being corrupted by your bias.
Reason 9: A Lawyer Will Position Your Case – There are many ways of looking at a situation, and it takes legal training and experience to determine the best one. A lawyer will help you find the best way of positioning your case.
Reason 10: You Will Not Know If You Are on the Right Track – You might think that you’re doing everything right, until the time you loose your case. Without professional training and objectivity, it is difficult to evaluate your position.
Reason 11: Helps You Keep Perspective – When someone is emotionally involved in a case, they sometimes human rights of children tend to blow things out of proportion. Having a trusty advisor will help you pick your battles.
Reason 12: Keeps You Out Of Trouble – While handling your case, the last thing you want to do is break the law.
Reason 13: You Cannot Properly Conduct a Trial – If your case results in a trial, you need a lawyer to conduct your direct examination, cross examine opposing witnesses, and present evidence. Unless you know the law and the rules of evidence, it is likely that you will not even be heard – the judge will not allow testimony or evidence which is not properly presented.
Reason 14: You Don’t Have Experience – Although you might be experienced with your particular kind of a predicament, you are not experienced with presenting issues of this sort in front of a court.

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